Saturday, 23 November 2013

Chicken like my Papa makes it.

You know those adverts that stereotype family gatherings and the idea of coming home to a certain brand or meal? Think Richmond sausages (ew) or Clover (Lurpak all the way, sorry) - if I could make an advert on this theme about my family this chicken is what I would have to deck out in lights.

I'm not entirely sure how to give the legend that is my father's fried chicken full justice in a blog post in all honesty. Seriously. I'm pretty sure my Dad has cooked this on at least 4 different continents, in hundreds of different kitchens, on holiday, at friend's, actually anywhere I've ever called home, even in a caravan with one hob and no oven (madman). Basically it would terrify me to try and count the amount of times I have eaten this. We have had gluten free varieties, veggie varieties, and have probably tried every different type of breadcrumb from fresh to dried to Panko to mixed with herbs and Parmesan.

This is a recipe very close to my heart and I do not share it with the world lightly therefore the instructions here are minimal and leave space for you to find your favourite breadcrumb texture or extra seasonings. I call it a recipe but really its more a series of processes but it is so worth the effort. I mean, who doesn't love fried chicken?

1. Ready your troops (rolling pin, flour, beaten egg, breadcrumbs and chicken)

2. Between to sheets of baking parchment, bash the chicken out thin

3. Dip into seasoned plain flour

4. Egg

5. Crumb. (Really bash the breadcrumbs in so they're compact. The more you can get stuck on the better.)

6. If you don't end up with flour-egg-crumb balls of glue on the end of your fingers you're doing it wrong.

7. Shallow fry on a medium heat in olive oil until golden on both sides - because the chicken is beaten out thin that should be sufficient time to cook it though.

In other news - I went to the Good Food Show last Sunday (Happy early Christmas to ME) and saw these chaps.

Hollllaaaaa Greg/John. *Ticks life accomplishment box*

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